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As the national hub for art promotion in the country, the national museums of art are working to enrich society through culture and art. With their collections comprising approximately forty-five thousand art works and eighty thousand films, they attract numerous visitors every year. We are also actively engaged in exhibitions and educational programs to provide opportunities to enjoy and have more access to art. Your support helps us improve our activities and pass on valuable cultural assets to future generations.

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The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo


Japan’s first national art museum near the Imperial Palace
A huge collection, more than 13,000 works, including National Important Cultural Properties

National Crafts Museum

An art museum specializing in modern and contemporary crafts and design, established in Kanazawa, a city of crafts

The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto


An art museum where you can encounter works related to Kyoto

National Film Archive of Japan


NFAJ, the only national institution of films in Japan, is promoting motion picture culture through collection, preservation, restoration, research, screenings and exhibitions of domestic and overseas films and related materials.

The National Museum of Western Art


A museum founded on the world-renowned Matsukata Collection, Japan’s only building by Le Corbusier, designated World Heritage Site

The National Museum of Art, Osaka


See, Hear, Feel New Sensations!
Encounter Japan’s largest collection of contemporary art from Japan and abroad

The National Art Center, Tokyo


An Art Center without a permanent collection, located in Tokyo’s Roppongi district,with one of the largest exhibition spaces in Japan

National Center for Art Research


With the credo of “connecting, deepening, and expanding art,” the National Center for Art Research (NCAR) serves as a new hub that links art museums, research institutions, and various stakeholders both in Japan and overseas.

The Independent Administrative Institution National Museum of Art