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To hand down invaluable works of art to children of the future.
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The Independent Administrative Institution National Museum of Art stands as the nexus of art advancement in Japan, charged with fostering the creation and development of art and culture in Japan, and cultivation of aesthetic awareness among the Japanese people. Through its six art museums—four in Tokyo: the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo, the National Museum of Western Art, Tokyo, the National Art Center, Tokyo and the National Film Archive of Japan; and two in the Kansai region: the National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto and the National Museum of Art, Osaka—the National Museum of Art carries out diverse and distinctive activities that fully utilize the unique character of each member museum.

The situation surrounding art and culture and the role of art museums are undergoing significant change. Under the circumstances, the six National Museum of Art member institutions have cooperated and worked together to provide enhanced viewing environments by offering multilingual services and extending opening hours into the evening. In addition, we are making new attempts in response to the changing times. While accentuating the special features of each of our member institutions and identifying the roles we should play in present-day society that faces various problems, the National Museum of Art will strive to help build a society that embraces diverse values of art and culture.

You can make a donation to the National Museum of Art as a whole, or to any one of the six member museums you would like to support. Your generous donation will greatly help us with our activities such as museum operation, artwork restoration, various projects including exhibitions and educational programs, improvement of buildings and equipment, and collection of information and materials. Your support would enable us to preserve our precious collection of art and hand it down to future generations.

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The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo


Japan's first national art museum near the Imperial Palace
A huge collection, more than 13,000 works, including Important Cultural Properties

The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto


Features works by great masters from the Kyoto and Kansai
regions and some unique works by renowned non-Japanese artists

The National Museum of Western Art


A museum founded on the world-renowned Matsukata Collection
Japan's only building by Le Corbusier, designated World Heritage Site

The National Museum of Art, Osaka


See, Hear, Feel New Sensations!
Encounter Japan’s largest collection of contemporary art from Japan and abroad

The National Art Center, Tokyo


An Art Center without a permanent collection, located in Tokyo’s Roppongi district,
with one of the largest exhibition spaces in Japan

National Film Archive of Japan


NFAJ, the only national institution of films in Japan, is promoting motion picture culture through collection, preservation, restoration, research, screenings and exhibitions of domestic and overseas films and related materials.

The Independent Administrative Institution National Museum of Art